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Edmar Mammini

 This is the name of a steam trawler for long distance fishing registered at the port of Lisbon ( Portugal) . She is of the beginning of the XX century and is coal fired and steams propelled. She is a kind of vessel that allows to fish with many kinds of trawl but mainly with a kind that hold boards at the ends of the net to allow a wide spread, and ground cables have the effect of sweeping fish towards the mouth of the net.  Trawlers were built to fish at North Atlantic Sea; they are rugged vessels to withstand heavy weather and rough sea. For this reason they were used as Escort Vessels during World War II.

 The original vessel was 120 foot long, 21’ wide and 10’ deep for this kind of vessel she was between medium size and big ship of that period. She used a triple expansion steam engine and a Scotch Boiler. The choice of the model: Visiting the Naval Museum of Lisbon, at a glance I saw the model and sudden I “fall in love”. The model that is at this museum is static and build in play wood with fittings in brass.  The colors are very uncommon and choking due to is strong as deep yellow, deep blue and so forth. A lot of details attracted me, every part were so well done that gives to the model a special charm. Looking forward to build a similar model I asked for the plans and for my satisfaction there was, and with a high quality of drawing details.

 With the plans at my disposal I began to prepare my workshop to build the most detailed model I ever built in my life. It took me a lot of time to began the enterprise, it happened just later I saw a boat in a French Model Magazine an all brass sheet hull.  I minded, this is exact what I intend to do, and beside this, the hull will be all riveted like the real one, and so I did.  The model is at the following scale  7/16 “ to 1 Foot at that scale the model is about 4’& 4” long .
 The model is built all in brass sheet nº 24 SAE . The sheet was cut in pieces with correct size, proportional to the scale and riveted each to other like the original made in a shipyard.

More than 15,000 rivets were used to do the job. To seal the joints soft solder were used, the surplus were brushed off with a steel brush, it scrape the tin but not the brass sheet. The model was build at my workshop in São Paulo (Brazil) it took me 2 years and 8 month to make it.  Every fitting was then made, mainly in brass and some in wood like masts and the handrails. The model also is steam propelled, fired with butane/propane liquefied gas. The boiler is a sort of Yarrow /Cross Pipe, very high performance burner, is the ceramic type.

The engine is double cylinder, 90º crankshaft, 5/8 stroke; 5/8 bore, all in gunmetal cast, with water and oil pumps. The autonomy is about 1 hours with ½ pound of gas and sailing at normal speed. You must have in your mind that the model weight is 38 pound.  There is a kit to transform the model into electric model, using as 12V / 7Ah battery and a 48 Watts electric motor and a tooth band reduction gear for 1:3 times. The performance with both propulsion systems is the same. The model is a real “Master Piece” worthy to shown at a Museum.

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